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Medical Visa

India is one of the most sought after destinations for medical tourism. It has patients from over 60 countries, being treated in various hospitals across the country.

The Government of India has introduced new regulations for issuance of medical visas. As per the new regulations Indian Missions abroad will have to scrutinize the medical document   very carefully and satisfy themselves about the purpose for which a medical visa is being sought. It also insists that an applicant should seek preliminary medical advice from his home country/residence for specialized medical treatment. The medical visa will be issued to those patients seeking medical assistance in reputed/recognized specialized hospitals in the country.

The regulations have also listed the ailments, which would be given priority while granting the medical visa. It includes serious ailments which require neurosurgery, ophthalmic disorders, heart problems, renal disorders, organ transplants, congenital disorders, gene therapy, plastic surgery, joint replacements

The validity of the visa is generally up to a year. It can be extended for a further period of I year, if necessary. This visa is valid for one year or the period of treatment, whichever is less. The treatment has to be undergone at recognized and reputed hospitals in the country.  Such visas may be multi entry visas with a maximum of three entries in the year.

Foreigners coming on Medical Visa should register, with the Foreigner Registration Office, within 14 days of their arrival.. Up to a maximum of two visas may be granted to accompanying family members. Medical Visas are available even for foreigners from Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka.

The medical visa will be helpful for those who come for long-term complicated procedures like knee replacement, cardiac surgery, organ transplant and plastic surgery. The visa will also be helpful for those coming to India for ophthalmic care and treatment of congenital diseases.

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