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  The Benefits of Pilates


What is Pilates?

It is a gentle restorative exercise regimen that suits most people and people recovering from injuries. Pilates is an exercise regimen that focuses on core strength,precision and control  of movements.

Trained instructors train clients to become aware of how to strengthen core muscles. Clients learn how to activate and contract muscles without causing injury to the muscle or to the skeletal structures involved.

Pllates promotes effective breathing patterns which in turn alleviates stress. Conscious breathing patterns help the person to become more aware of their body and its strength and weaknesses.

Pilates requires exercises to be done with precision. Instead of repeating the same movements over and over again with scant concern for form or accuracy, fewer repetitions are done but with accuracy. A variety of exercises that use the same muscles or groups of muscles are performed in sequence.

Pilates works with the pelvic muscles and abdomen and also provides support to the lower back.

Pilates can show toning up of core muscles and also inch loss with a flatter stomach. The exercises are such that the spine is made flexible. This in tuen lessons backache and recurrent back problems.The posture is considerably improved by doing Pilates reqularly.

Pilares makes the person more energetic and hence the daily routine and chores is formed efficiently.

Pilates uses props and equipment to aid the progress. Arc barrel, theraband,mini ball, fitness circle,swiss ball are some of the props used.

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