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The Navagragha Temples of Tamil Nadu, Mangal

Mars is known as Mangal or Chevai in Tamil.

It is well known to even the ancient people as it appears in the sky as a distinct red object. Mars has been attributed with martial qualities in  Eastern astrology. He is to be appeased when misfortune strikes a believer. The position he occupies in the horoscope determines careers in the military or medicine.

Mars is generally depicted as blood-red in complexion, attired in red clothes and wearing a red garland. Mangal has four hands-two in the mudra of power and mercy and the other two holding a spear and a mace each.

Mangal is worshipped on Tuesdays with offerings of red flowers. 

Vaitheswaran Koil

Vaitheswaran koil is about 52 km from Swamimalai. The town has grown around the temple. This temple has the presiding deity of Shiva as Vaidyanatha Swamy. His consort is Thaiyal Nayaki. The name of the Goddess is probably derived from the tail word thailam which means medicinal oil. It is believed that she carried this oil from Kailash.

The temple has four gateways, one each in the North, South, East and West. The temple is well protected by Bhairava in the East, Veerabhadra in the West, Kali in the North and Karpaga Vinayaka and Durga in the South.

There is a reference to this temple by poets in the fifth and sixth century AD. Hence, it is believed to have been built around that time.

Shiva is known here as Vaidyanatha or Vaitheeswaran, the God of Healing. He cures all illness, both mental and physical. On entering the temple, the devotee usually dissolves jaggery in the waters of the Siddhamrita tank. It is believed that as the jaggery dissolves in the tank, so do one´s illness. Taking a dip in the Siddamrita Tank is believed to help in getting rid of evil spirits.

The next ritual is an offering a mixture of salt and peppercorns at a designated area. Eating a pinch of the mixture is believed to rid the body of warts and other skin eruptions. Tiny silver pieces representing different parts of the human body are on sale nearby. These are offered to the Lord with a request for a cure of specific ailments.

At this temple, the very substances used to worship Vaidyanatha and the other Gods are deemed to have medicinal  properties. Pills called Thiruchandu Urundai  made here on specific dates by the Shivacharya are considered a sure cure for all ailments. A paste is made comprising of vibhuti used for abhishekam, mud from the base of the sthala vrikshama neem tree mixed with water from the sacred Siddamrita Tank.The paste is made into pills. The pills are to be taken while recited throughout for maximum effect. 

There is a separate shrine dedicated to Mars at this temple. It is believed that the person who prays to Mars will be bestowed with strength, bravery and victory. .A visit to this temple is said to remove obstacles, caused by Chevvai Dosham, to marriage. Chevvai is the planet in charge of one´s siblings. Hence, prayers are offered here for the well being of one´s siblings. Any health problems relating to the bone marrow find a cure with prayers to Chevvai. Many bathe in the tank on Tuesdays to invoke Chevvai to rid them of ailments like rheumatism, fractures and wounds. Creditors with long pending loans due to them, and debtors also pray and fast here on Tuesdays to find a solution.

Vaitheeswaran Koil is one the main centres of Nadi Astrology or Palm Leaf Astrology See the site Nadi Josiyam for more information.

The temple is open daily between 6am to 1pm, 4pm to 9pm.

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