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Cadaver Transplants in Tamil Nadu

What is cadaver transplant? It is a method of harvesting vital organs from a brain-dead person and transplanting it into a needy patient.

Cadaver transplants have to be promoted in the country. It can save many lives and eliminate illegal organ trade. Sadly, however, there is an in-built taboo in India against this method and a stiff resistance put up by the relatives of the dead person. India lags behind the world average in cadaver transplants. The government, both at the center and the states have passed several laws promoting cadaver transplants, and happily, awareness of cadaver transplants have increased and slowly been accepted by many. People are not fully aware of the program and hence do not come forward to denote the dead person�s organs.

The Tamil Nadu Cadaver Transplants Program was first started in September 2008. Tamil Nadu is one the foremost states in India for cadaver transplants and has successfully conducted many transplants. The average in Tamil Nadu is fifteen times the national average.

So far, about 1008 cadaver transplants have been conducted in various authorized hospitals across Tamil Nadu. Kidney, liver, heart, heart valves, cornea, lungs and skin are the most common. The program functions from the Government General Hospital, Chennai.

Doctors, nurses, staff, and grief counselors are the people who introduce the idea of cadaver transplants to the grieving relatives. The grief counselors even undergo courses to sensitively approach the relatives within moments of the death. Here, speed is imperative. The issue has to be handled with great sensitivity. The grief counselors are lending a huge helping hand in the sensitive issue of cadaver transplants.

The doctors involved with the Tamil Nadu program are working hard to create awareness about the program, and the results, so far, has been very satisfactory.

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