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 TamilNadu, a low-cost medical tourism destination 


The Governement of Tamil Nadu has been very proactive in the medical tourism indusrty and in wooing medical tourists.



Tamil Nadu, a state in the southern most tip of India, is a leader in providing medical care on par with the finest hospitals in the West in almost all the medical fields,and has implemented many policies for cheap medical tourism. It has plush corporate hospitals especially in Chennai, the capital.There are many world-class institutions and hospitals in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu. 

CMC at Vellore is well known all over the world. India’s first heart valve replacement was conducted in CMC Vellore in
In 1971, the country’s first kidney transplant was performed at the CMC Vellore. In 1996, the first transeptal carotid-stenting in the world was performed in the CMC, Vellore. India’s first stem cell translational research center was set up in this hospital in 2005. 
Tamil Nadu leads the field as far as eye care is concerned. Shankara Nethralya and Arvind Hospitals at Madurai are renowned. The other famous eye institutions are AIIMS, New Delhi and LV Prasad Eye Hospitals at Hyderabad also well known. Among them, Arvind Hospitals at Madurai conducts the highest number of cataract surgeries in the world. 
Also, Tamil Nadu has many hospitals like the Apollo Hospitals at Chennai and Madurai,Ramachandra Hospitals,Lifeline Hospitals,St.Isabella's Hospital, Madras Medical Mission, Miot Hospitals, and Shankara Netralya at Chennai, Arvind Hosptals at Madurai and Coimbatore, and PSG Hospital at Coimbatore.
Medical Tourism Brochures with useful tips on health care are being planned for medical tourists. 
The State Government is also aggressively promoting Medical/Health Tourism. It is a much more peaceful state than any other state in North India. It is a leader in India especially  in Eye Care, Oncology, Orthopedics, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. Today, practically every town has a good nursing home with attending consultants.
Nursing has evolved as a specialty  and Indian Nurses handle patients with a humane and personal touch that is the main reason why they are so much in demand in the West. 


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