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Medical  Excercies-Benefits of Walking Tourism

 The enormous benefits of walking as an exercise


All of us know that some form of exercises three or four times a week is a must for healthy living.

It is the lack of exercises and obesity that leads to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. Going to the gym and attending aerobic classes is an option if you can afford the costs. But, there is one exercise which is cost-free ( except for some good walking shoes, which is a must). There is nothing like a good brisk walk in the morning before the sun rises and when you have the world to yourself.Chennai has become quite health conscious in this respect. If you go to the Marina or Besant Nagar in the morning, you will see different people from all walks of life taking a walk( no pun intended). Theosophical Society in Besant Nagar is a lovely place for walkers and joggers. One can hear the birds chirping and searching for food. the Adyar River is literally swarmed with egrets and other birds. The fishermen will be bringing in the catch.

Walking is the best exercise for those people with knee and joint problems. Avoid jogging and other heavy movement exercise.

Three hours of walking per week reduces the risk of heart disease by nearly one-third, that is, by 35 percent. Five hours of walking per week reduces the risk by nearly 50 percent. It is walking that reduces the blood pressure, improves the circulation, and strengthens the heart.  

If you are a person who walks six hours a week, chances of heart disease,breast camcer, colon cancer,stoke, and diabetes are reduced.

Studies in postmenapausal women reveal that walking reduces the bone loss due to osteoporosis and slows down arthritis. Women, who walk at least a mile a day, have higher bone density than women who do not walk or walk shorter distances. 

Walking at a brisk pace increases your metabolism, burns out stored fat, builds muscles. Weight loss and a healthy fiber-rich diet reduces the chances of diabetes. Increased metabolism means that you are burning calories when you are sleeping. One hour of walking can burn up to 400 calories depending on your pace.

Walking is a delightful way to reduce the stress of modern living and helps you to cope better with life.

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