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Eye Makeup Tips

You are lucky if you have beautiful eyes-large, twinkling and shapely.

But, if you have not been bestowed with this blessing, do not be disheartened. You can ensure their beauty by a few careful strokes here and there. The material you require is - eyebrow pencil, eye-liner, eye shadow and mascara. Eyebrow pencil is used to give shape to eyebrows. But since most Indian women have dark and thick eyebrows they do not generally require to give them shape. Those with thin or scattered eyebrows can make them look shapely.



Eye Makeup

Eye-liner is a liquid used on the eyelashes in a thin line. For small eyes draw a thick line. In eye make-up, the sequence followed is eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Eye-shadow is used on the eyelid between eyebrows and eyelashes. This is a tender part. Hence, eye-shadow is applied with finger. It is available in many shades but one should be very careful in choosing a suitable shade. Likewise, it is available in many forms - cream, powder, cake, stick. Cream form is more popular. Use little face-powder on the eyelid as a base before using eye-shadow. Since most Indian women have dark, black eyes, they can use chocolate, green or mauve shades. ´Eye-shadow should used for night make-up. If you are going to attend a wedding or party during day-time, you may it in light touches. Sunken eyes look more sunkel with eye-shadow. Women with such eyes should avoid using it. They should use foundation cream in its place. For prodruding eyes, brownish tinge is suitable, which should be filled in upto eyebrows.

Mascara is used to thicken eyelashes. It should also be used for evening make-up. Mascara is put on with brush at the root of eyelashes and is applied upto the end. It is available, in many shades, though black is more popular. During day-time, if it is to be used, apply black or steel grey shades. At night, black eyeliner, dark mascara and white eye-shadow are used. For bluish and brown eyes, black-eyeliner with light blue mascara for day time; and for evenings, blue eye liner, blue mascara and blue eye-shadow is suitable.


Take care to clean this make up at night before going to bed. It is cleaned with baby oil. Close your eyes, apply baby oil on a cotton wool swab and scrub slowly, gently. First clean the upper part and ends. Open your eyes and clean the lower part.

Some women are allergic to eye makeup. In this case, eyes redden, water and the skin around eyes gets burning sensation. Take care to use only high quality products bought from reliable, authorized chemists. The markets are flooded with sub-standard or imitation products. Beware of them. Otherwise, you will spoil even your natural charm in a bid to heighten it artificially. Discontinue use if you feel any trouble like irritation, rashes, etc. Always take care to clean your hands and brushes well to avoid infection.

Written BY Jerry White

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