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 Adventure Tourism in Tamil Nadu

It is a well-known fact that Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples architecture and its cultural heritage.

What is not much advertised, however, is the enormous potential the state has in adventure tourism.The government has now woken up to the enormous potential of adventure tourism, which attracts the more adventurous young tourists, who might not fancy visiting only temples during a vacation, however fascinating and historical they might be.

Here is a quick look at the adventure tourism facilities available in the state.

Trekking and Hiking

If you are fond of trekking and hiking, there are excellent trails in the hilly regions of Kodaikanal, Yelagiri, Annamalai Hills ( Attakatti and Valparai), and Ooty. Ooty, in particular, offers some challenging trails in varying distances, heights, and terrains.Parsons valley is a good place to begin the hike for both beginners and the experienced hikers.

Aqua Sports

Tamil Nadu has a long coastline. Swimming is not advised in some areas like the Marina, Elliots Beach, and Mamallapuram. The sea can be really rough and very rocky in parts.Wind-surfing can be experienced in the shallow backwaters of Muttukadu to the south of Chennai.Muttukadu is the aqua sport hub of Tamil Nadu. Para sailing, wind-surfing,kayaking, and water skiing facilities are all available here.


This sport is still comparatively new in this country.The Madras Hang Gliders Association is associated with the training of beginners. It has provides motorized hand gliders to the adventurous. St. Thomas Mount, a small hillock in Chennai,Kodaikanal, and Ooty are the recommended places for this sport.


It is not very popular among the locals and it is the international tourists who find this sport interesting. Mukkurthi Lake  in the Nilgiris, the Gurmund Reservoir,Hogenakal, Chambar,Parsons Valley Stream, and Emeri Puzha are the places in the state where excellent trout is available.


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