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Depression Treatment

When it comes to mental illness, people are often reluctant to consult a physician or health professional, yet the treatment of depression as soon as it is diagnosed is crucial if any relief is to be had.

One problem is that if the treatment is not administered correctly, then the problem can be made worse. Depression treatment should address all the symptoms that are displayed. Symptoms of depression include suicidal tendencies, long black moods of sadness, and a total lack of self confidence. Depression treatment is most difficult when the patient and the patient’s family are not co-operative.

The treatment of depression must take into account the main cause of depression, which is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression treatment usually targets this imbalance and tries to correct it. However, doctors realize that depression treatment can often have side effects as the medication is strong. A study in Canada found that the bones of patients undergoing depression treatment were less dense than others, leading to brittle bones.


Natural foods in the Treatment of Depression

Cardamom and asparagus are two natural foods that are used in depression treatment. Other foods known to be beneficial in the treatment include lemon balm, cashew nut and rose petals. It is also recommended that drinking a lot of water - at least eight glasses a day - and cutting down on (or preferably cutting out) red meats can support the treatment of depression.Cooling foods, such as many citrus fruits and most vegetables, are also thought to be useful in the treatment of depression because they bring down acidity levels in the body and so keep the mind calm.

Supplements and Vitamins for the Treatment of Depression

Vitamin B has been shown in trials to be very beneficial in the treatment. It tends to increase serotonin, a hormone known to improve mood, levels in the brain. Omega 3 is also very beneficial in depression treatment as it keeps the spirits high. It must be remembered that certain situations can hinder the effective absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body; for example, vitamin absorption decreases with age. Always consult your physician or health professional for tips on optimizing supplement absorption in the treatment of depression.

Holistic Treatment for Depression

Depression treatment should also include breathing exercises, workouts and relaxation exercises. Deep breathing has proved to be useful, as has meditation. Other alternative treatments include aromatherapy, massages, reflexology and acupuncture. Depression treatment has to take a holistic view so that all the visible symptoms of can be addressed.


Therefore a combination of conventional medicine, alternative treatment, and good nutrition are recommended for the effective treatment of depression.

Written By Lac Tran

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