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The Indian Experience

India is a huge country throbbing with life and people.

The huge explosion of colour and its multi-faceted culture leaves you speechless with wonder once you step on Indian soil. If you had come for medical treatment, please do not fail to experience India in its very essence, by doing some sightseeing.

You can visit its villages and experience celebrations of some festival. Indians are almost always celebrating some festival or the other. Most of the festivals are associated with religion. In Tamil Nadu , the Harvest Festival of Pongal which falls in the month of January ,is the most important one. It is celebrated on a very gay note especially in its villages. Fresh harvested rice is made into Sweet Pongal, a sweet dish. It is celebrated over 4 days. On the last day Jallikattu or a bullfight similar to the ones in Spain, are organized in some of the villages. The Department of Tourism organizes tours to showcase the rich tradition in heritage and culture.

For those who are interested in classical music and dance, there is a annual festival of music and dance conducted at Chennai in December. It was first started in 1927 and has continued every year since then. Musicians from all over the world perform at the festival.

There are plenty of museums and galleries in Tamil Nadu. The Government Sate Museum, Chennai, Fort St George Museum,Chennai, Dakshinchitra, Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara Temple Museum Madurai.You can see exquisite collection of South Indian bronzes, paintings and jewellery.

If you are a woman you can design your hands with henna or mehendi.It takes about four hours for the mehendi to set properly and give a rich red colour to the design.

Many tourists come to India and get married in the traditional Hindu Style. Many such weddings are regularly taking place in the traditional pomp and splendour of a Indian Wedding, with all the rites and rituals.

Many tourists learn Yoga during their period here. At Chennai Yoga Mandiram regularly organizes such group sessions for foreigners. The Yoga school makes all arrangements.

Do not fail to have an ayurvedic massage before you leave the country. It is really relaxing.

Do you want to know your future? In Tamil Nadu, Naadi Joshiyam is widely prevalent. You will have to visit the center and provide them with your thumb fingerprint. The astrologer then locates the ancient leaf wherein all details are written. He then reads from the leaf and reels off your name, the name of your spouse and parents.. He then proceeds to give you details of your children, profession, and other personal information. It is a very interesting experience. For more, visit Nadi Josiyam

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