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Everyday Astrology

If you find it difficult to save money, then here is a simple remedy.

Donate money on entering the tempke and not on exiting the temple. Do this as long as the problem lasts. Never donate money after exiting the temple.

Never sign up for a credit card on a Tuesday. Repay your loans on Tuesdays, or at least start repaying the loan on a Tuesday. The loan will soon be closed. Surgery and medicine works best on Tuesdays.

Enter your new home from January 15 to July 15. Never celebrate a house warming when the lady of the house is pregnant.

Two sisters (born of the same mother) should never get married to two brothers (born of same woman).

Never begin a long journey during Raahu Kaalam.


The best days for cutting hair or nails are Sundays and Thursdays. Do not reach a city or a country on a Tuesday if you expect great things to happen there.

Do not get married on a Tuesday or Saturday. It might lead to divorce or serious problems.

Buy gold on Thursdays or Fridays so that you get more of it.

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