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Medical  Mamallapuram Tourism

 Medical Tourism at Mamallapuram

Mamallapuram is a small town very close to Chennai on the coast of the Bay of the Bengal.

It was built by the Pallavan Dynasty in the seventh century. It is believed to be named after the Pallava king Mamalla. The town is also known as Mahabalipuram. It has many historical monuments built between the seventh and nineth centuries and has been classified as a UNESCO World  Heritage site.

There are various temples and all the temples illustrate the movement from rock-cut architecture to structural building. The most famous of all these temples is ,of course, the Shore Temple. Buddhist influence also is visible in many of the structures.

Medical tourism is proposed to be introduced by the Tamil Nadu governemnt in Mamallapuram.The neighboring state of Kerala is well known for ayurvedic treatment. Henceforth, tourist cam avail of all these treatments and much more at Mamallapuram.The government in association with the Sri Sankara Ayurveda Medical College will offer ayurveda treatment and rejuvenation therapy at its recently constructed resort called " Hollow Bamboo" at the Mamallapuram Beach Resort Complex. 

The resort is spread over 5000 sq. ft and has nineteen rooms.Fourteen rooms have been set aside for stay and the other rooms will be set aside for yoga, mediation,ayurveda panchakarma treatment, acupressure treatment and a reception hall. The entire structure is made of bamboo.The government has also constructed new cottages at the Mamallapuram Beach Resort Complex. The room rent is very very reasonable considering the fact that the facilities are of star level. 

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