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Hair care tips for healthy hair

Professional hair care tips cover both hair hygiene and hair cosmetology.

Effective hair care tips supplemented with professional haircare products offers good health and beauty to your hair.

The most crucial factor of hair care is your hair type. It is your hair type that determines which hair care type is appropriate for you.

When your hair behaves in an unusual way, it indicates the time to visit a professional. He can be a qualified physician, a dermatologist, or a trichologist. Who it should be will depend on the seriousness of the problem you are facing.

Some of the important factors in hair care

The following factors play very important role in overall hair care


A nutritious diet is as crucial for hair health as it is for general health. You should have a diet containing protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, and fat.


A proper washing of hair is also important for maintaining the hair health.


Shampooing is the most common method of hair washing. The next to it is hair conditioning. In case you are a daily hair washer, then it is not necessary to repeat the shampooing process. However, if you wait a day or more between hair washings, then the first shampoo might only break up the surface tension of sebum (a waxy ester that is naturally produced from the sebacious glands that is part of most of the hair follicles about the human head). A second shampoo application to the scalp hair may be required to properly cleanse the scalp skin.

Hair coloring tips

Intelligent use of color gives a complete makeover to your facial beauty. No wonder, professional haircare products include hair coloring agents offering lots of coloring options.

The appropriateness of the color depends on several factors like your complexion, skin color, dress, season and occasion.

For example, the color should be close to your shade/skin color. You should keep yourself within shades of your natural color.

Hair care tips for long hair

Having long hair is a fashion statement for some people. Keeping long hair certainly adds to the feminine beauty.

You must follow some hair care tips in case you are planning to have a long hair. You must remember that the health of a long hair depends on diet and hair care.

Long hair is vulnerable to problems like breakage, splits, tangles etc. There it needs more intense care than short hair.

It is good for health of your hair if you take adequate amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins. Some other things that you need to practice are

1. adding variety to your diet

2.avoiding junk foods

3.eating lightly processed foods

4.avoiding over cooking of foods

5.avoiding unnecessary brushing, combing and handling

6.avoiding use of very hot water

7.trimming regularly to eliminate split ends.

Written By Evan Botham

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