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Is There a Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure?

Of all the medical problems facing us today there is probably none more talked about then high blood pressure.

It seems that we all know someone who is on some type of blood pressure reducing medication. Yet there is a surprising reluctance on the part of many to actually find out about the problems posed by high blood pressure and the side effects of medication.

The most natural approaches are centred around diet and lifestyle. It is no surprise that a healthy diet underpins all approaches to controlling blood pressure. It does not warrant covering the basic principles, but for summary purposes a healthy diet has the following key hallmarks: Fresh fruit and vegetables. At least 5 portions of each per day.


Restricted intake of fats

This means no fatty takeaways, cookies, chocolates. Particularly, dieticians advise us to avoid "trans fats". These are the harmful "sticky" fats that cling to the artery walls restricting blood flow and therefore increasing blood pressure. low Cholesterol diets are a central consideration.

Plenty of exercise which increases aerobic capacity. Trainers and exercise physiologists are a great source of inspiration as well as specifically tailored exercise regimes that can target high blood pressure.

One of the greatest contributors to high blood pressure is stress. There is no doubt that if we can control the level of stress in our lives we would be well on the way to a longer and healthier life. So what can we don/ here is where I turn to the East. Yoga is one of the most singularly effective and valuable natural cure we can avail ourselves of. Although there are many physical benefits resulting from the wonderful stretches Yoga brings us, it is the mental side that possibly offers the greatest benefit. The meditation elements of just about all Yoga programs can bring about great relief from day to day stress and I strongly urge you to enrol in a local class.


Although there is plenty of information on the net, including books, videos and written programs, my experience is that the traditional Yoga masters handed down their teaching methods through a highly developed method. The benefit of this is clearly evident when you attend a traditionally trained Yoga Teacher. I have had some disastrous experiences from instructors who combine Yoga with other exercise regimes like Gym based exercises. In fact some have bee downright dangerous.

A specially trained Instructor will be able to advise which postures are suitable for your condition. Most inverted postures are avoided in high blood pressure cases, until the other benefits have manifested themselves.

In combining all these approaches, my preference is to do so in conjunction with traditional western medicine because you will be able to monitor your blood pressure whilst using a medical model. When the benefits start to become evident, concentrate on Natural methods for a longer happier life.

Written By Michael Haydon

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