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 Dune Eco Resort is the place to go if you want to enjoy eco-tourism at its best!

It is a eco friendly village on the beach spread over twnety-five acres.

The Dune Resort is situated just off the main highway leading to Pondicherry.

Visitors gets a hint of what awaits them when they sign in at a traditional four stome-pillared mandapam. They are welcomed with a welcome drink, and then escorted to the accommodation in a battery-powered car.

There are fifty different types of accommodation available at the resort, and it is very difficult to choose as each is comfortable and attractive in its own distinct way. Each type is designed differently and has different theme,interiors,location, and furniture.

A bed in the Silver House is located beneath a water tank while another bed is located on top of it. Yet, another bedroom has no walls, but yet the privacy is taken care of by its location. All the bedrooms are nature-cooled; and so, there are no air conditioners.There is no cable TV either.

The bed is made from recycled wood. The food is made from house-grown vegetables . Bicycles are used to move around the resort.Solar heaters are used to provide hot water for guests; recycled paper is uses for stationery. The furniture are all from old houses or from recycled materials.

All modern facilities are available also. There are two restaurants, a spa,a yoga and massage center,gym, swimming pool,tennis court,jogging track, and children play area and so on.

You can go fishing with  fishermen in their trawlers because it is quite a active coastline. You can also try milking a cow,shaping a clay pot,petting the animals which include a camel, four dogs, rabbits, and turkeys.All in all Dune Resorts is truly a wonderful family vacation destination. 

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