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Skin Care Routine - Best skin cleansing tips

Your skincare facial routine is the key to your drop dead looks.

Unless your facial skin is glossy, young and beautiful no amount of make-up can help you look beautiful. To maintain a beautiful skin you must follow a daily skin care routine.


Whether you have a dry, normal, oily or a combination skin you have to keep it scrupulously clean always. You should never use soap on the face because it not only dries up the skin but sometimes its chemical can do more harm than good to the skin. Always use a good cleansing milk. Apply the cleanser in circular upward movements using your fingertips for cream cleanser and cotton wool for liquid cleanser. Remove eye make up gently with cotton wool pads soaked in eye make up remover. Remove mascara by placing a moistened tissue under the lower lashes and stroking both sets of lashes together with cotton wool pads soaked in the cleanser.


Wash your face with light circular movements. Rinse your face thoroughly and then pat dry with a soft towel.


Skin toners are very refreshing and their evaporating and cooling action causes the pores to shrink temporarily. Toners act as additional cleaners for oily skins and also remove any traces of grease left behind by the cleanser. The mildest forms of toners are called freshners or delicate toners. Astringents are stronger then toners and are used on very greasy skins. They should not be used on dry skins or on dry areas or combination skins.

Immediately after cleaning the face, apply a small amount of toner or astringent on the face.


A moisturizing cream should follow the toner. It helps to offset the evaporating effects of the sun, wind, air conditioning and environmental pollution. It helps in protecting the skin by sealing in the vital natural moisture of the skin. It also acts as a perfect base for any type of makeup. Smooth the moisturizer over the face in upward circular movements with your fingertips, being careful not to drag the skin.

If you follow the skin routine daily, you will have a lovely and a beautiful skin which will look attractive and beautiful even without make-up.

Author: Jerry White

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